Jeff Pearsall

CEO and Co-Founder

Previously a Visual Designer at mSpot Inc. and Co-Founder of Squiber Inc. Jeff has a B.S. in Computer Science from Cal State Monterey Bay. He also enjoys wakeboarding, snowboarding and playing the guitar.

Robert Hernandez

Public Relations

Any teacher's best friend and Co-Founder of Squiber Inc. Robert likes brewing his own beer, photography and riding his bike.

Mikael Berner


Is an EIR at US Venture Partners. He was CEO of BeVocal sold to Nuance. At Nuance he was GM of the Enterprise Business a $300M+ business. He has a Masters in EE from Cornell. He serves on the boards of Berner International, FlatterWorld, Easilydo, EdCaliber and Yap.


Karin Forssell | Marc Ginsberg


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Flatter World Inc

Nested in the heart of Silicon Valley and popular Flat Stanley destination, Flatter World Inc is located in sunny Mountain View, California. Send us an email if you would like to say hi, or if you prefer the old fashioned way stop by our office and say hello.

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